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Hello and welcome to Ken Koenig Design.  My name is Ken Koenig (pronounced KAY-nig), and I've been a Graphic Designer,  Marketing Strategist and Illustrator for over 30 years. In that time, I've had the privilege of working with fantastic clients from all different industries, each one presenting me with their own unique marketing and design challenges.  What I enjoy the most is gaining an understanding of those clients needs, and developing the best designs and marketing strategies for their success.

Scroll down and you will find a diverse range of design work, from logos to billboards, illustration to print design, and even a few websites I have created (including my own, of course).  I am always looking for new challenges, and looking to push myself to create new and effective design. Give me a call or email me, and let me put my creativity to work for you.

Ken Koenig sitting at desk
Logo Designs


Logo design is one my favorite aspects of graphic design. Developing the brand of a company or event in a way that is visually interesting yet simple, clean and easy to understand is a real challenge.
From sketching out shapes and words on a sketchpad to the final precision adjustments on the computer, I immerse myself (and my customer) in the entire design process.
Here are a few of the dozens of logos I have developed over the years.


Seven seconds or less. That's the average amount of time a person has to read a billboard when driving in their car, so the design has to be strong, the message clear, and the impact needs to last.
Here are a few of my billboard designs that do just that. I have hundreds of other designs I could show you, but I know you don't have time for that.
For the past 22 years, I have been drawing the illustrations for the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame inductees. Since much of my creative time is spent on the computer, It is a nice change of pace to turn it off, take out the pencils and draw.  Not only does it hone my illustration skills, but as a bonus, I get to draw some pretty famous people as well.
(Click on the thumbnails to view a larger image)


There are so many ways to express creativity with print that you just cannot do electronically. A creative die cut, a blind emboss, a foil stamp, or even the use of a varnish can be the difference between something nice, and something memorable.
I work very hard to take full advantage of the print medium creating everything from brochures to direct mail, newsletters to point of purchase displays – all designed to captivate, engage and leave a lasting impression..
Here are a few examples of my work. I just wish you could hold them in your hands. : )
Hall of Fame Ted Thompson

Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame

Ted Thompson

Induction Program 2019

I created a two-color graphic of Ted Thompson, then did a die-cut of his silhouette, which reveals the table of contents on page 2 and 3

of the program.

Web Design
Website Design


One word.  WIX.
I am not a programmer, I'm a designer.  So when I am put to the task of creating a website, I use to put it all together.
Of course, in order to have a good website, strong visual content is necessary. That's where I come in. I start by creating all of the graphics that will go into the site. From there it's as easy as drag and drop, set up your links, transitions, etc. and voila! You've got a really GREAT website.

Thanks for submitting!

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320 W. Park Ridge Ave.   •   Appleton, WI 54911   •   920-227-8246   •

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